Junk in da Trunk<sup>®</sup> by the dozen (minimum 4 dozen)

Junk in da Trunk® by the dozen (minimum 4 dozen)

$ 85.00
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They are THAT fresh (and delicious)!
Perfect for a barbecue, mahjong or book club night, a dinner party or a spontaneous dinner with the family. These babies will get lots of attention, as they’re unforgettable and a sweet gift perfect for a delicious New Year!

Junk in da Trunk® chocolate chunk cookies are one of Pastry Chef Hedy Goldsmith's signature recipes that she's honed over decades. Over the years the recipe has remained basically the same, always gooey, salty and amazing - with the supporting players changing depended on where her head is on a given day. The essentials are bittersweet chocolate, crushed kettle potato chips, pretzels, classic candy bars. Goldsmith has been known to add everything to this batter from assorted Halloween candy to peppermint patties to caramel corn, to peanut butter stuffed pretzels to malty balls.

They’re best placed in a 300˚ oven for 2-3 minutes or until the chocolate is oozy. YUM!